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Astazi continuam seria noastra de interviuri inceputa la Computex 2023, unde stam de vorba cu o serie de oameni cu adevarat pasionati din industrie, la care cititorii nu au de obicei acces. Unul dintre cei care ne-au raspuns la intrebari a fost Dio Su, Product Manager al Enermax, alaturi de care am purtat o discutie legata de noile serii de produse, precum si de planurile acestora pentru viitor. 

1 – Hi guys and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. First, how does it feel to be in this business for 33 years?

Reflecting on the past 33 years, it’s been a remarkable journey. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the desktop PC industry, from the GeForce 256 era to the current RTX 40 series. Many of our peers have faded away, with only a few standing strong. We take great pride in our legacy and contributions to the industry and are excited to return to prominence after a period of dormancy.

2 – What inspired you to build products for PC enthusiasts in the first place?

Our inception was driven by a competitive edge in design and aesthetic standards, which set us apart from our peers at the time. We catered to various sectors, but it was the PC enthusiast segment that truly resonated with our strengths, demanding high-quality and aesthetically pleasing components. This alignment led us to focus on crafting products specifically for PC enthusiasts, fostering a strong connection with this community. This enduring bond continues to be both rewarding and enlightening, significantly influencing our approach to product design, selection, and management, and ensuring we maintain our unique position in the market.

3 – After more than 30 years in the business and after the pandemic years, how do you see the business now? What are the challenges now, compared to when you started?

The challenges we currently face mirror those in many industries, with large international firms expanding and dominating markets. They leverage their financial and manufacturing resources to create fierce competition, entering the market with aggressively low pricing and propelling everyone into cutthroat competition. In the post-pandemic landscape, these challenges have only grown, as numerous smaller and mid-sized brands have exited the market. We find ourselves in a challenging position, competing against large brands that offer a comprehensive range of products, from power supplies and cooling solutions to major PC components like CPUs, memory, and graphics cards. The market landscape has transformed, requiring extreme innovation on our part. Consequently, each decision we make now carries greater risk and higher stakes compared to the choices we faced 30 years ago.

4 – ENERMAX was a very strong competitor in PSU market back in the day but in 2014 you ceased PSU manufacturing and relied exclusively on OEM partners. Why this change of focus for you?

By 2014, changes in geopolitics, logistics, and costs had made in-house manufacturing untenable compared to the early 2000s. Partnering with OEMs proved to be a wise decision, allowing us to maintain product quality amidst market fluctuations without incurring financial strain. With the recent imposition of punitive tariffs by the US government against China, the manufacturing situation became even more dire, further validating our strategy. Our trusted OEM partnerships have, more or less, shielded us from the direct impacts of these tariffs.

5 – Many of our readers asked about ENERMAX products in the last years because there was little activity on the European market, basically you couldn’t find reviews or your products anywhere. Things changed quite a bit since COMPUTEX 2023 and we see ENERMAX back where it should be, can you explain what happened?

During the pandemic era, we overhauled our structural and strategic objectives, guided by insights from many young minds. We increased our investment in resources and personnel for social media marketing, graphic designs, and the aesthetic design of our new products. This shift in business culture has prepared us to return to the global stage and reintroduce ourselves as a revitalized brand to the younger generation, while reassuring our longstanding supporters that we are back and better than ever.
Another significant change in our organization is the increased emphasis on eco-consciousness and energy reduction in our products, packaging, and distribution, a priority driven by the younger generation within our team.

6 – What are the main areas where we should expect news from you this year? Is PlatiGemini 1200W that we saw on COMPUTEX coming to retail? Do you think that 12VO standard will gain more support from the MB manufacturers in the next year?

This year promises to be outstanding for ENERMAX. We are introducing new AIO coolers, a range of versatile PC cases, and a variety of PSU products catered to the increasing power demands. The PlatiGemini 1200W, in particular, is set to hit the retail market soon, and it may already be circulating in the US market by the time of this interview.
Regarding the 12VO standard, despite its critical role in eco-friendly computing, I anticipate reluctance from motherboard manufacturers to adopt it this year or the next. There’s often hesitation and indecision in investing resources to combat global warming or even in recognizing it, not to mention bearing the associated costs.
However, this was the driving factor behind the development of our PlatiGemini. This PSU supports both standard and eco-friendly 12VO motherboards, allowing users to seamlessly transition to greener options as they become more prevalent in the market.
We earnestly hope the industry will align with the growing demand for eco-friendly computing in both regulation and product design soon. Given the dire state of our planet, it’s imperative for our industry, as one of the wealthiest and most energy-intensive, to lead the way in sustainable practices, ensuring a better world for future generations.

7 – As one of the manufacturers with the widest ATX 3.0 PSU lineup, what were the challenges in developing and deploying this line of products in the market? When do you think that ATX 3.1 PSU’s will be available for the users?

As one of the manufacturers with the broadest ATX 3.0 PSU lineup, we faced several challenges. ATX 3.0 required different PCB board designs and rigorous testing upon its introduction. However, the most significant challenge was predicting market demand and preferences for this new product line, given the lack of historical data. A major concern was the 12VHPWR cable; we often debated whether customers would prefer the native 12VHPWR cable or find an adapter acceptable, and whether the recent news of cable burns would affect their perception. Fortunately, we managed these issues successfully, with no incidents of burning or other major setbacks.
Regarding ATX 3.1 PSUs, one of the key changes is the 12V 2×6 cable, which reduces user error, making it relatively straightforward for manufacturers to adopt this standard. Interestingly, according to Intel’s design guide, ATX 3.0 has stricter standards in multiple criteria compared to ATX 3.1, so transitioning from producing ATX 3.0 to ATX 3.1 should be seamless. Although ATX 3.1 products are expected to be available soon, it is likely that brands will delay their release until the inventory of ATX 3.0 products diminishes.

8 – What do you think sets ENERMAX apart from other manufacturers? Why should the consumers look into ENERMAX products?

For three decades, ENERMAX has stood out for our commitment to quality and customer care. Beyond meticulously ensuring product quality and heeding customer insights, we value innovation that brings unique value to our users. A classic feature of ours, the Dust-Free Rotation (D.F.R.) function, exemplifies this commitment.
Our recent efforts focus on extending our commitment to environmental preservation and energy reduction, reflected in our products, packaging, and logistics processes. For consumers seeking high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly PC solutions, ENERMAX stands out as a preferred choice.

9 – In the last years power consumption grew exponentially for both CPU’s and GPU’s. Being also a company that has a big focus on cooling components through your coolers and AIOs, do you think it’s more difficult to build a truly silent PC now compared to 10 years ago?

It is indeed more challenging to build a silent PC nowadays, especially for gaming PCs or workstations. A decade ago, a 1000W PSU was considered large, but now we have GPUs as big as shoeboxes that consume power like a mini fridge!
To handle the higher TDP, coolers need faster fan speeds, stronger pumps, larger heatsinks, or more premium materials. However, the challenge is that these elements can’t just be combined arbitrarily; a meticulously calculated balance of each element is essential for the cooler to function effectively. Thus, reducing cooler noise involves more than just tweaking fan speed or design. We have invested significant effort and research to ensure each of our AIO coolers achieves an impeccable balance of performance and noise.
Fortunately, at ENERMAX, we have developed the “LIQTECH TR4 II” AIO cooler, designed for high-energy-consuming servers and workstations with 500+ TDP and minimal noise. At this year’s COMPUTEX, we plan to unveil a newer, more advanced design for our server-level AIO cooling system.

10 – Thank you very much for your time!



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