ENGLISH Review + new charts – Intel Core i7 8700K & Intel Core i5 8600K – Coffee Lake + AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming

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Power consumption and temperatures

When it comes to power draw and temperature, we can see that Intel really managed to brush up the ole’ 14nm process and they did a mighty fine job too. Because of that, Core i5 8600K takes as much power as 7700K, even if it has 2 extra cores, while Core i7 8700K manages to have a lower power draw compared to Ryzen 5 1600X or Core i7 7800X, even if it has the same number of cores and operates at higher clocks.

A bad news for extreme overclockers – Intel is still using badger fat between the IHS and the die. However, the Coffee Lake CPU’s actually perform pretty well when it comes to core temperature, with 65 oC for 8600K at 4300MHz and 70 oC for 8700K at 4700MHz. Of course, when we bump up the voltage, 8600K can get as hot as 92 oC (5100MHz, 1.35v), which is does not come as a surprise, taking into consideration that we used an air-cooler with a single fan (Noctua NH-D15), with a stock CPU ( no delid), in a pretty hot ambient.


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    1. Liviu a scris pe:

      Wow … how nice ! Another day , another tale ! The review in english is nicer because the new graphs used . Thank you for the built effort !

    2. dfgdfg a scris pe:

      Thanks for the review and the effort 🙂

    3. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

      Thank you guys!

    4. squawker a scris pe:

      Very fine review, showing all main aspects of Intel’s last launch.
      Keep up the excellent job!

    5. horse a scris pe:

      thank you very much, would it be possible to run some 4k benchmarks in future reviews ?

      Thanks once again

    6. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

      As more and more people will adopt 4K we will begin using it in our tests.

    7. Cesar a scris pe:

      Why are the temperatures so high on the 8600K? Even though it works with less threads it’s hotter than an 8700K? It doesn’t make any sense. Can someone explain this??

    8. Monstru Post author a scris pe:

      Cesar – the temperatures are lower on 8600K. You are probably looking at the overclocked temperatures (5.1GHz with 1.35v).

    9. J.Nicolae a scris pe:

      Very nice OC at 1.35v. This is the trend, for Intel.

    10. Dench a scris pe:

      thank you! too excited now for that 8700k. wonder how it will do with just a cheap aio considering these went to 5.2/5.3 on air. it’s a brand new day!

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