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Fiind pentru prima oara cand se organizeaza Computex-ul in mod fizic dupa 4 ani de absenta, am profitat de ocazie pentru a sta de vorba cu o serie de oameni cu adevarat pasionati din industrie, la care cititorii nu au de obicei acces. Unul dintre cei care ne-au raspuns la intrebari a fost Tijana Milosavljević, General Manager al filialei din Europa in cadrul companiei Cooler Master, alaturi de care am purtat o discutie legata de noile serii de produse, precum si de planurile acestora pentru viitor.

1 – Hi guys and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. First, how does it feel to be in this business for more than 30 years?

Our 30-year journey in this business has been a remarkable blend of challenges, achievements, and transformations. It’s a mix of emotions that is hard to put into words. On one hand, there is a sense of pride and accomplishment in having witnessed and been a part of the industry’s growth and evolution. It’s truly gratifying to see how technology has transformed the world around us.
On the other hand, we are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to work with amazing individuals, collaborate with talented teams, and contribute to the advancements in our field. It’s deeply gratifying to realize that we have been able to make a lasting impact and play a role in shaping the technological landscape.
But above all, what truly makes this journey special is the people: the connections we’ve made, the relationships we’ve built, and the community we’ve become a part of. It’s the shared passion, the collective pursuit of innovation, and the support we’ve received from customers, partners, and colleagues that have made this experience so fulfilling.
We look forward to continuing this remarkable journey and embracing the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

2 – What inspired you to build products for PC enthusiasts in the first place?

As PC enthusiasts ourselves, our passion for technology and the limitless possibilities it offers has been the driving force behind our decision to build products for this community. We understand the excitement and joy that comes from customizing and building a PC that perfectly fits one’s needs and preferences.
The desire to create products that enhance the PC building and gaming experience stems from our own love for this hobby. We wanted to contribute to the industry by developing innovative and high-quality components that would empower enthusiasts to push the boundaries of performance and aesthetics.
Moreover, the incredible feedback and support we received from the PC and modding communities over the years have been truly inspiring. Interacting with fellow enthusiasts, listening to their needs, and witnessing their creativity have continuously fueled our motivation to design and deliver products that exceed expectations.
There is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing our products being used by passionate individuals to bring their visions to life. Being able to contribute to the growth and evolution of the PC enthusiast community is a constant source of inspiration for us.
In essence, our own love for PC building, combined with the enthusiasm and feedback from the community, has been the driving inspiration behind our commitment to building products specifically tailored for PC enthusiasts. It is an ongoing journey that continues to inspire us to innovate and create remarkable experiences for this incredible community.

3 – After 30 years in the business and after the pandemic years, how do you see the business now? What are the challenges now, compared to when you started?

After three decades in the industry and navigating pandemic challenges, our view has broadened. Despite immense growth potential, new hurdles have arisen. The pandemic hastened digital transformation, boosting the demand for innovative remote work, online collaboration, and entertainment solutions.
Today, we must remain agile, anticipating market trends and customer needs in the face of rapidly evolving technology. With increased competition, our differentiation lies in superior quality, cutting-edge features, and stellar customer support.
Sustainability has also become pivotal. We strive to minimize our environmental impact through eco-friendly practices. Despite hurdles, we’re optimistic, with growing tech demand and emerging opportunities in AI, AR, and cloud gaming.
Our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and passion for technology propels us to navigate this evolving landscape, ready to deliver exceptional experiences.

4 – Do you think there is still room for an exponential growth in the PC market segment?

At Cooler Master, we see enormous potential for growth in the resilient PC market. PCs remain essential tools for diverse industries and gamers, offering unmatched customization and performance.
As technology evolves, demand for potent, efficient PCs grows, particularly in the booming PC gaming industry and digitizing sectors like content creation and AI.
Despite challenges from mobile devices and cloud services, our commitment to innovative products that exceed customer expectations positions us well. Our goal is to inspire and empower users to push boundaries. By recognizing emerging trends, anticipating needs, and delivering exceptional products, we’re confident in driving the PC market’s expansion and advancement.

5 – What are the main areas where we should expect news from you this year?

We are excited to share with you the main areas where you can expect news and innovations from us this year.
First we are investing our expertise and resources in the automotive sector. As the automotive industry undergoes a significant transformation driven by technological advancements, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enhance the driving experience. From advanced cooling solutions to integrated smart systems, we aim to make a meaningful impact in the automotive space.
In addition, we are focusing on cloud computing, recognizing its growing importance in the digital era and the telecommunications industry is another area where you can expect news from Cooler Master.
Lastly, consumer electronics remain a key focus for us. We are dedicated to creating complete ecosystems that cater to both DIY enthusiasts and consumers seeking finished goods. From gaming peripherals to PC components, our aim is to provide high-quality, innovative products that elevate the user experience and empower individuals to express their creativity and passion.

6 – How important is the ATX 3.0 standard for you? As one of the manufacturers that didn’t rush to offer ATX 3.0 PSU’s to the customers, what were the challenges in developing and deploying this line of products into the market?

The ATX 3.0 standard is a big deal for us here at Cooler Master. Why? It’s like the blueprint for power supplies, helping us make sure they work well with future computer systems.
It’s all about compatibility, making sure our power supplies fit well with motherboards, and safety. Plus, it’s like a rule book that everyone in the computer industry follows. This means we can sell our products to more people, knowing that they’re getting something reliable and up-to-date.
From the perspective of compatibility, the ATX 3.0 standard establishes guidelines for the physical dimensions, connectors, and interfaces of power supplies, ensuring compatibility with motherboards. As for industry standardization, the ATX 3.0 standard is widely recognized within the computer industry. By complying, we can confidently market our products to a larger customer base, providing reassurance and peace of mind. Lastly, ATX 3.0 is future-proof and innovative as it evolves with advancements in technology, allowing us to stay up-to-date and support the latest specifications in computer systems.
Despite the importance, we understand the curiosity surrounding our decision not to rush into offering ATX 3.0 PSUs to our customers.
Well, it’s like cooking a great dish; you can’t rush it if you want it to be perfect. We had a lot to figure out, we needed to do a ton of testing to make sure everything was safe and performing at its best, especially when pushing the limits.
Ensuring safety and reliability required significant effort in stress design and testing of all components. Challenges also arose during production and manufacturing, particularly in designing power supplies that could meet the power demand from the 40 series graphics cards.
Furthermore, we had to carefully consider market demand and competition when introducing a new line of products based on the ATX 3.0 standard. Lastly, we faced an additional challenge with the 12VHPWR cable melting and burning, which emerged in conjunction with the RTX 40 series graphics cards. We sought an improved solution for this issue by developing durable 12VHPWR cables with a 90-degree and thicker terminal design to enhance safety.
Despite these challenges, we have successfully developed a comprehensive ATX 3.0 power supply series, built upon our dedication to safety, reliability, and cutting-edge technology. We are confident that our products, which have undergone rigorous testing, meet the demanding requirements of the ATX 3.0 standard and deliver exceptional performance and peace of mind to our valued customers.

7 – Do you have any plans to explore new segments of the market other than PSU, cases, cooling, peripherals, and gaming furniture in the near future?

We are constantly driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to meet the evolving needs of our consumers. While we take immense pride in our expertise in PSU, cases, cooling, peripherals, and gaming furniture, we are always open to exploring new market segments.
As a forward-thinking company, we understand the importance of diversification and expansion. We continuously assess market trends, emerging technologies, and consumer demands to identify new opportunities that align with our vision and capabilities. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance the overall computing and gaming experience.
While we cannot disclose specific details at this moment, we assure you that we are actively exploring potential avenues beyond our existing product categories. We are driven by the pursuit of innovation and the desire to bring new and exciting products to the market. Our dedicated team of engineers and designers are working diligently to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of both existing and potential customers.
We firmly believe that by expanding into new market segments, we can further contribute to the advancement of technology and create meaningful experiences for our users. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering as we embark on new endeavors.

8 – What sets Cooler Master apart from other manufacturers?

What sets Cooler Master apart from other manufacturers is our unwavering commitment to the entire process, from conception to completion. We go beyond simply building products; our goal is to provide transformative experiences for our customers. Our dedication to harnessing the power of the latest technology and driving innovation sets us apart in the industry.
From the very beginning, our focus is on understanding and anticipating the diverse needs of our customers. We invest considerable time and resources into research and development, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancements. This allows us to create products that not only meet but exceed expectations.
Our team of talented engineers, designers, and enthusiasts share a passion for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. We constantly seek innovative solutions to deliver products that not only perform exceptionally but also offer unique features and functionalities. We believe in providing more than just hardware; we aim to enhance the overall computing and gaming experiences of our customers.
Furthermore, our commitment to quality is evident throughout our entire manufacturing process. We uphold rigorous standards to ensure that our products are reliable, durable, and built to last. Every Cooler Master product undergoes thorough testing and validation to meet the highest industry standards.
Now, we’ve got an excellent ATX 3.0 power supply series, made with our commitment to safety, reliability and the latest tech.

9 – In the last years power consumption grew exponentially for both CPU’s and GPU’s. Is it more difficult to build a truly silent PC now, compared to 10 years ago?

We understand the growing power consumption of modern CPUs and GPUs and its impact on PC noise levels. As technology advances, our commitment to innovation and quality enables us to tackle these challenges with confidence. Building a truly silent PC may present slightly more challenges compared to a decade ago, but it is not an insurmountable task.
We embrace the evolving landscape and constantly strive to develop efficient and quiet cooling solutions to address the issue of increased power consumption. Our team of engineers and designers work tirelessly to push the boundaries of what is possible, combining advanced thermal technologies, optimized fan designs, and intelligent control mechanisms to create cooling solutions that strike the perfect balance between performance and silence.
While the increased power consumption may generate more heat, resulting in potentially higher fan speeds, we focus on minimizing noise without compromising on cooling performance. Our commitment to providing a quiet computing experience remains unwavering, and we continuously refine our designs to achieve optimal acoustic performance.
Over the years, we have developed innovative features such as fan blade designs, noise-dampening materials, and intelligent fan control algorithms to mitigate noise levels. We understand that silence is a crucial aspect for many users, especially in environments where a quiet PC is essential, such as home offices or recording studios.
We take pride in our ability to adapt to the changing demands of the PC industry and address the challenges posed by increased power consumption. While building a truly silent PC may require careful consideration of component selection, airflow optimization, and fan control strategies, our expertise and dedication enable us to create systems that provide both exceptional performance and a whisper-quiet operation.

10 – Thank you very much for your time!

It’s truly a pleasure to engage with enthusiasts like you who share our enthusiasm for all tech-related things.



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