Asus Radeon HD 6870 si HD 6850

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Hello folks,

AMD’s Radeon HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6850 are going to be thorougly dissected and appreciated by us today, but before that we just wanted to send a little mesage on the vast, world wide web. Don’t worry, we didn’t switch to English all of a sudden, we just want to make this as clear as possible and as easier to understand for whoever oversees the media-relations for AMD Europe. If you only care about the hardware, feel free to just skip to the next page.

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Public relations (PR) – a field concerned with maintaining public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians. The practice of managing communication between an organization and its public. Public relations provides an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that provide a third-party endorsement. Once common activities include speaking at conferences, working with the media, crisis communications and social media engagement, and employee communication.

During this last year I had a very hard time understanding what PR means for AMD’s PR agency in Romania, a small company called All For You Consulting. Unlike their peers at AMD Romania, who allways tried to keep us close and informed, these guys (or at least, to be fair, one or two particular individuals in this company) gave us nothing but head-aches. Make no mistake, we do not mind our personal feelings when it comes to work, but I am not sure I can say the same about these guys.

This jolly little band of bunnies has done everything humanly possible to keep us from having HD 6870 and HD 6850 samples in time. We were never announced about the release dates, we never got any samples from them, heck, even though we are probably the biggest hardware reviewing site in Romania. Well, it seems that somebody in this little PR agency is making the sampling based on personal considerations and some kind of buddy sistem. So I really wonder, since these guys did not try to have the best communication between their employer and the public (keeping us out means you keep most of the enthusiasts out), and since they do a lousy job when it comes to the public image of the company they represent, am I not entitled to think that in their case PR has nothing to do with Public Relations ?

Well, being probably the bigest hardware reviewing site locally, we are not the kind of people that professionals would let aside, so we would like to thank our parteners that really helped us, meaning AMD Romania, Asus, Gigabyte, His and Sapphire. Because of these guys, you will enjoy three of our monster articles that will be launched one after the other during this morning. However, if you feel that we left a resolution out, or a game, or if you are upset because we published an hour later, please be so kind and thank the guys from the PR agency.

And for whoever manages the press relations in AMD Europe … would you please, please loose these “pro’s” ? I know it is hard to find somebody cheaper but I am sure you can work something out if you really want to.


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  1. Paul a scris pe:

    Buna…As dori sa cumpar o placa video Gigabyte Ati Radeon Hd 6850 1gb 256bit gddr5 si vad k multi zic probleme desprea ea , mar interesa si performanta in gaming pt k mai mult pt gaming vreau sa o iau … dar nush ce sa cred despre problemel … dak are cnv aceasta placa si imi poate da cv informati despre probleme sau alte chesti ale aceste placi video 6850……

  2. Paul a scris pe:

    Buna am revenit… Vreau sa stiu si eu de problemele alea cu Black Screen dc apar si dc se stinge monitoru in Far Cry 2 , call of duty black ops , Mafia 2 , GTA 4 in astea am auzit k se intampla asa cv.. Eu chiar vreau sa imi iau o astfel de placa 😛 6850 !

  3. Nicu a scris pe:

    Salut Paul …eu detin o astfel de placa si nu am astfel de probleme pe care tu le-ai enumerat mai sus.Intradevar am citit de unele probleme la seria 6850 dar nu tine de un producator anume.Mie imi functioneaza perfect, chiar si cu un pic de OC. Am facut doar un upgrade de bios pentru reducerea venturilor la 25 % …placile erau setate la 70 % stoc.Banuiesc ca ce se vinde acum au ultimul bios instalat.

  4. Paul a scris pe:

    Multumesc foarte mult !

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  6. simplu a scris pe:

    S-ar merita un 6850 in detrimentul unui gtx 460 1 gb? sincer sa fiu din review am inteles ca sunt aproape egale in peformanta.Ce ati recomanda in cazul unui sistem de gaming – gtx 460 sau un 6850 ?

  7. cameltoe a scris pe:

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    I will recommend this blog!

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