MAGNUS ONE Challenge – Vote for a chance to win a ZOTAC MAGNUS ONE PC

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30 days have passed since this all started… 30 days in which 15 teams have tried to build something never seen before, to modify the tiny ZOTAC MAGNUS ONE in the most original way, in order to prove what they are capable of. And I must admit that I have been a part of many competitions in my life, and the atmosphere on the Discord channel where we all communicated constantly, we shared the progress we made and in some cases we helped each other, reminded me of the golden age of competitive overclocking, when first and foremost, we were all friends, bound by a common passion.

This is what we felt in ZOTAC MAGNUS ONE Challenge, a feeling of friendship, based on a burning common passion that unites us all. And the full beauty of it is that we are dealing with different teams, with different styles, coming from different countries, meaning we have all the ingredients needed for a successful competition. From veterans in the field to enthusiasts who take part in their first competitions, from teams working in perfect synergy to modders that are used to work individually, the participants in this competition are all different.

Which is a great advantage in the end, because the designs are also different, ZOTAC MAGNUS ONE being reimagined in ways that no one could have ever foreseen. Furthermore, I am convinced that we have all learned something from this challenge, we have all learned something from each other, and it has been a real honor for us to participate.

Well, now the projects are ready, and the official page where they can all be admired is be up – you can check it out here. Also, I have to tell you that voting for the most successful projects has already started, and you will decide who will be the lucky winners. Last but not least, if you vote you will have the chance to win one of the 5 Zotac Goodie Bags, or the grand prize, a ZOTAC MAGNUS ONE mini PC, equipped with an Intel Core i5 10400, Nvidia RTX 3060, and also 16GB DDR4 and a NVMe SSD, provided by Patriot Gaming.

All you have to do is in order to enter the giveaway is to click this link and choose your favorite project for each category (Best RGB Integration, Best Theme, respectively Best Overall Design). Then you will be required to enter your name and e-mail address and you are good to go. Of course, don’t forget to check the giveaway rules here (the giveaway is open for persons 13 years of age or older, from the EMEAI region). Good luck!



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    Dubios arata … dar imi place ! Oricum si daca nu mi-ar fi placut tot pe voi va votam ! Mult succes

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