AMD Ryzen 3000 DDR4 Scaling – Part III – AMD Ryzen 5 3600X + B450 – English version

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DDR4 3200 1:1

Now that we have seen how the 5 configurations tested by us (2 x 8GB B-Die single-rank, 4 x 8GB B-Die single-rank, 2 x 16GB B-Die dual-rank, 2 x 8GB Hynix CJR and 2 x 8GB Micron E-Die) behave on B450 and Ryzen 5 3600X, it’s time once again to compare them directly, focusing on each frequency separately. For DDR4 3200, 4 x 8GB yields the best Read performance, followed closely by the 2 x 16GB B-Die kit, and the Micron E-Die kit.

Looking at the Write graph, I feel I have to address this issue. No, I did not make a mistake when I gathered the data, and I double checked by retesting and checking all the screenshots. As you know by now, AIDA Cache & Memory Benchmark shows significant lower performance in the write tests for the CPU’s that have only one CCD (3600X, 3700X), roughly half of what we can see in the case of CPU’s equipped with 2 CCD’s (3900X, 3800X). This is something that AMD acknowledged and it does not affect real life performance in general. However, in most cases the write performance will show similar or identical results for all configurations in today’s study, which makes me think of an artificial limitation somewhere in the Zen2 architecture, strictly regarding this issue.

Moving on, in the Copy test we see the 2 x 16GB B-Die kit in front, followed by the 4 x 8GB B-Die kit, and the 2 x 8GB B-Die kit. When it comes to latency, the 2 x 8GB B-Die kit, the HyniX CJR kit, and the Micron E-Die kit have the same performance.



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